Sunday, 1 July 2012

Fish in the Waves - Decal Print Mounted on Spruce Wood

Recently listed in my Folksy Shop a beautiful decal print featuring my design of a shoal of fish swimming amongst blue waves.

My artwork is mounted onto a block of square spruce wood letting the natural variants of the wood appear through my design - making each block unique!

Fish in the Waves
 Based on my original screen print I have reproduced the artwork onto decal paper and then carefully placed this onto a hand sanded wooden block - For extra protection the artwork has a coat of varnish - The sides remain natural.

Fish in the Waves
 Each block has a pre-drilled hole in the back (diameter 5mm) ready to hang off a nail on your wall... Block dimensions: W 93mm, H 93mm, D 18mm
Oh yes, made the box too!
Fish in the Waves

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