Monday, 22 April 2013

Kite Flyer - screen print

Here it is!  The Kite Flyer my four colour screen print.  

 I designed this a long time ago and it's been hanging in mid air for a while as a lithograph.  After a bit of a break from printing in general this is the image I decided to start with.

kite flyer - 4 colour screen print

Kite Flyer - Screen Print

My first session in the studio for ages and it was a nightmare. One where I came out with nothing at all - not a single thing!  After lots of messing with emulsion, drying, washing, exposing again in a crazy cycle for four hours I managed to squeegee nothing at all. This happens sometimes and you forget that it does, so when it does happen and the print gremlins are at work it's easiest to go with it...then go home scratching your head.

I returned for another session which couldn't have been more different - very' s the way the ink blows apparently and the pictures below are the proof.
kite flyer - 4 colour screen print

Kite Flyer - Screen Print

Kite Flyer - First layer...

Print size: w 145mm x h 188mm / Paper size: A4
Paper: Heavy weight cartridge paper / Ink: water based acrylic

Kite Flyer - Three layers: green, blue, white

In case anyone is wondering it is available in my shop 

Kite Flyer - Four layers: green, blue, white and dark blue

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