Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Fibreglass Fisherman

Here's a look at a new screen print I've been working on.  For now it's called Fibreglass
Fisherman and it's based on a photograph I took of a life size you guessed it fibreglass fisherman.  It was outside the fruit and veg shop where my mum lives. The waves delve into the world of renaissance ornamentation!

The picture below is nearly finished, it has one more layer to go which is going to be ripples of white waves...

Fibreglass Fisherman

I remembered to take photos!  So here are some showing the different stages and layers.

 Three layers: light blue, darker blue and yellow!

Getting ready to print the dark blue colour

The screen

 Here's some without the blue background

With the fish...

There's also a few printed on brown Kraft paper as well as the white Fabriano paper.  It ended up being a little bit more complicated than I had originally planned for, but hey it was a joy to print!

and finally drying on the rack!

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