Thursday, 1 December 2011

Old work / New work

Tight Rope Walker
I designed the 'Tight Rope Walker' quite a few years ago and it's one that I return to over and over.  Comes in many different will be posting many different versions of this.

Underwater - Screen Print

I'm just about getting to grips with this blog site though I'm wondering how anybody's going to know about it!  I'm pretty useless with social media sites, so this is going to be something to work on I fear!
Back to what I'm up to which is posting a recent screen print called 'Underwater'

There are some splodges on the right hand corner which personally I quite like.


Blue Birds - Screen Print
New piece of work which is a four colour Screen Print.
There's quite a few of these birdie prints featured in my shop, they appear in purple and green as well as orange.