Thursday, 21 February 2013

Fiddle and Button Accordion

Recently made a Fiddle and a Button Accordion...

Both were designed and laser cut by me in my local makers studio -  bit chuffed with these especially as it was a bit of an experiment.  

Absolutely loved making them and thinking of making some more for friends or perhaps music shops.

I have an accordion which I have been learning to play for the last couple of years so that was the point of reference for me.  These really are beautiful instruments...

Took these photos of the instruments before I gave them to a musician friend of mine for his birthday.... Think he was pleased with the prezzie.

They are actually quite small and can be held in the palm of your hand

They measure: 
Button box:  width:7cm /  height: 7.5cm / depth 4cm.  (approx)
Fiddle:  Height 10cm  / width 5cm (approx)

Button Accordion
Button Accordion - screen printed bellows...
The accordion was made by cutting out four pieces of wood and then joining them together to make two oblong shapes.  

The bass buttons on the left were glued on (with individual buttons) and the keyboard buttons are cut out by the laser.
Button Accordion

Button Accordion and Fiddle
Button Accordion

The strings and the shoulder rest on the fiddle use the engrave setting on the laser cutter - the bridge was cut out separately...

Button Accordion and Fiddle with Bow
 The Bow was threaded with nylon thread - got a bit carried away.  The photos don't really show them, but they are there!

Fiddle with Bow
Fiddle with Bow
Currently modifying the designs a little to make them better...nothing too drastic as I think they are pretty sweet as they are.

It's mainly the straps on the side of the accordion and the ones which you put over your shoulder that I didn't get round to incorporating.  My brain was a bit tired, but I'm on it now!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Fish in the Waves - Screen print, blue and dark purple

New in my shop, though printed a while ago...Fish in the Waves - Screen print.

Blue / Green and a purple ink printed onto white paper.

Fish in the Waves - Screen print

Fish in the Waves - Screen print

- Prints are titled, signed with the edition number

Fish in the Waves - Screen print

Fish in the Waves - Screen print

- Print size: w: 182mm x H:180 ::::::: Paper size: A4
- Paper: medium weight cartridge paper / Ink: acrylic, water based

Fish in the Waves - Screen print