Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tight Rope Walker

Recently made The Tight Rope Walker which is wooden decal print mounted onto Spruce Wood. 

The subject for the image was based on a photograph I took at an outdoor theatrical event many years ago.... Lots of performance artists were dotted around a beautifully lit wasteland area of the city where I live and one of the performances happened to be a lady walking on a tight rope! Brilliant!

Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker
Sits rather well on a windowsill or mantle piece!

Tight Rope Walker
Got carried away again and made a box for it!
Block dimensions: W 93mm, H 93mm, D 18mm

Monday, 9 July 2012

Handmade Notebooks

These are the latest editions to my Folksy shop. Lovely sturdy notebooks that I have screen printed using three colours: red, black and white. More on the way, now I've got the hang of it! The exciting bit of stitching / binding was… exciting!
Notebook - Dragonfly

Notebook / Front cover - Dragonfly

Notebook / Stitching detail - Dragonfly
Notebook / Back cover - Dragonfly

I used a strong linen thread to bind the book together as detailed in the photographs and various recycled papers have been included. It has 22 pages in total (44 sides) and these have also been been trimmed by hand with the corners rounded.  Size: width: 4 inches x height 5.5 inches
Notebook / Pages - Dragonfly

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Fish in the Waves - Decal Print Mounted on Spruce Wood

Recently listed in my Folksy Shop a beautiful decal print featuring my design of a shoal of fish swimming amongst blue waves.

My artwork is mounted onto a block of square spruce wood letting the natural variants of the wood appear through my design - making each block unique!

Fish in the Waves
 Based on my original screen print I have reproduced the artwork onto decal paper and then carefully placed this onto a hand sanded wooden block - For extra protection the artwork has a coat of varnish - The sides remain natural.

Fish in the Waves
 Each block has a pre-drilled hole in the back (diameter 5mm) ready to hang off a nail on your wall... Block dimensions: W 93mm, H 93mm, D 18mm
Oh yes, made the box too!
Fish in the Waves