Saturday, 12 October 2013

CAT Doorstops

Bought some organic cotton from the 'Organic Textile company' based in Machynlleth - so much fabric to choose from!   

Really fantastic company with great news letters too!
Decided to make CAT, a charming  Doorstop...mmmmeee.
Measures: W: 9.5 inches  x  H: 8.5 inches, Weight: 3lb / 1.3kg approx 
They are now sitting in my SHOP

Really useful to prop open doors, put on the end of book shelves or indeed to just put on the shelf to look at.  I have screen printed my design onto heavy weight organic cotton using  blue fabric ink which has been heat fixed. 

 Cat has been hand stitched to finish.

On the back of the CAT is a handy handle to move it around.

CAT Doorstop is filled with pre bought childrens play sand (wrapped in tiny fabric packs)  and polyester toy filling.  

The lighter blue fabric is really soft and is  ' Organic fair trade cotton handloom'

The orange fabric on the back of this CAT is from my cotton fabric stash, lovely as it is -  it's not organic and not my print

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